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Thread: Any chance for demo scripts?

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    Default Any chance for demo scripts?

    We're just about to become a ZCS Authorized Partner, and are in the process of completing the web site that will explain what Zimbra is and our hosting plans for it. What I was wondering is if the scripts that are used to create the Zimbra 'demo site' are available for use, or if not, what the process you guys use on a daily basis to create/delete those demo accounts is.

    We'd like the ability to offer prospective clients the ability to see what Zimbra is and give them a test drive, but on our own site and customized to our environment. (instead of demo users for example)

    Is there any insight you guys can give on how you create and recreate your demo environment?

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    Dan, The code is pretty tied to our env there with multiple servers and the site itself. So it's not really something we want to publish. Plus if we had to do it again today it would be much easier since we've standardized single sign-on with our preauth code. The overall process is quite easy; use the SOAP API to create a user, and load some sample data. Then redirect the user's request to the Zimbra server and use our preauth api to auto-login.
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