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Thread: ZIMBRA Security through iptables.

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    Default ZIMBRA Security through iptables.

    I am using zcs 5.0.5 MTA.

    My ZIMBRA Server is totally visible for public. Now,I want to put a security into ZIMBRA Server & i want to implement "iptables" security on my ZIMBRA Server.

    So, By implementing iptables security,will it make any problems for ZIMBRA?

    Some iptables security steps are given below. Please guide me.

    INPUT block ports :- 20,21,22,23,25,3128,5280

    3128 :- Squid Proxy Server.
    5280 :- Jabber Chat Server.
    25 :- SMTP.SMTP is only responsible for sending mails.So,can we block for incomming INPUT script?

    Could you please suggest any open source software firewall,that can be installed onto ZIMBRA machine itself?

    Can we run Squid Proxy & Jabber Chat server onto ZIMBRA Mail Server?

    I am asking you about Squid Proxy bcoz I have limited servers here & My Squid proxy is already running on another server.I just need to confirm that If my existing squid proxy fails,can we transfer all internet data through ZIMBRA,if it is installed Squid?

    Is it possible to put my Zimbra Mail server behind NAT Server? If Yes,then How it will become visible from outsiders?


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    Default How to transfer all users mails from old Mail server onto ZIMBRA?

    Hello To All,

    Warm Wishes from Nishith from INDIA. Monsoon is in it's purn raining mood & I am enjoying Newely installed ZIMBRA Mail Server.

    Now,I am already using another mail server,which is running from the last 2 years. That Mail Server is hosted by 3rd party & we are managing it remotely.

    That mail server is running on QMail,having webmail access through "Squirrelmail". The squirrelmail is really very stable version,but due to poor look of webmail,we switched to ZIMBRA. The Mail server's quota is almost full.

    So,Now We want to transfer our all mails from the existing Mail server to ZIMBRA Mail server. Is there any method to transfer all mails from the older one?


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    These questions have been asked and answered many times, please search the forums or wiki to see if ithere's already a solution.

    User Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Firewall Configuration - Zimbra :: Wiki


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