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    Default Sharing between servers ...


    I have two servers with a collection of users on each. Is there any way of sharing folders, calendars and address books between the users on each server.

    i.e. User A on server A would like to share his contacts folder with User B on server B ???


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    If they are on completely separate ZCS installs (i.e. not sharing an LDAP), I believe the answer is "no".

    User A could share their calendar with user B as an "external user" and user B could import that calendar as an .ics feed, but normal sharing doesn't work between installs.
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    Default Re; Sharing ....

    Mmm, shame ... the scenario is that my customer is running ~ 60 users on the Open Source version and would like 5 users to be able to sync with outlook. My idea was to run two servers, one open source and one the "network" version with 15 users.

    Relatively cost effective for the customer and revenue generating for Zimbra. Indeed they moved "from" Scalix who use this model , standard "free" users then paid-for "premium" users with Windows features.

    By implementing an "all or nothing" policy, Zimbra are saying "you can use it for free, or pay $2000 for the ability to sync with Outlook"... and $2000 for Windows features to a company who doesn't really want to use Windows at all it just .. well .. unattractive "on principle".

    IMHO there's more money to be had by allowing people to mix commercial and OS licensing ...

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