We have several issues on 5.0.6 running on Leopard server:

1. Apple Mail
Apple Mail brings up SSL connection errors repeatedly but not all the time when connecting to the Server. The server uses a Thawte Certificate wich is installed correctly and works for webmail

2. Webmail
We do often get a zclient/io error when accessing the webmail, waiting for a bit resolves the problem in most cases. This error mostly shows when the SSL error from point 1 is also showing up.

3. Outlook
On some Outlook 2003 clients appointments that were entered in a shared calendar in Outlook don't show up in the Webmail and the CalDAV clients. Shared calendars also often don't show appointments that were there previously. Removing and re-adding the calendar can solve that problem. Also in Outlook 2007 the users cannot hook up to a shared calendar.

Any help on this?