Hello, i've a problem the commandposte0@my.domain.com)
curl -u poste0oste0 --data-binary @/tmp/contacts.csv http://my.domain.com/service/home/po...ntacts?fmt=csv
works fine on my default domain.

But when i trie on (poste0@my.seconddomain.com)
curl -u poste0oste0 --data-binary @/tmp/contacts.csv http://my.seconddomain.com/service/h...ntacts?fmt=csv
which is not the default domain i get the error:

<body><h2>HTTP ERROR: 403</h2><pre>permission denied: you do not have sufficient permissions</pre>
<p>RequestURI=/service/home/poste0/contacts</p><p><i><small><a href="http://jetty.mortbay.org/">Powered by Jetty://</a></small></i></p><br/>

I've allready migrate from zcs 5.0.2 to 5.0.4 resulting first command working but the second doesn't fonctionning

Is there any solution ?
Thank in advance