I am a Sys Admin testing out Zimbra for my company to determine if it will replace our current infrastructure (postfix/thunderbird pop/imap and Meeting Maker). We love it however we've run into a problem.

We have a series of conference rooms that I have set up as Resources -> Locations in the admin web interface. Under manage resources when I select the room the options are quite straight forward and when I see Resource Setup -> Schedule Policy: -> Auto-accept appointments unless busy it seems to be saying to me that the location will accept a meeting automatically unless it is already booked with another meeting. Not so however. As a user I can schedule multiple meetings in the same location for the same time and they just overlap. The best we've gotten is a warning email after accepting it in the calendar. I promise you my users will ignore and all hell will break loose. I have done a lot of research to see if anyone else has this issue and haven't come up with much. Is there any way to get a location (eg conference room) to deny a request for it as a location if someone else has already booked it?

Please let me know if you'd like more information on my configuration. I'd be happy to provide. Any help is welcome!!

Thank You!