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Thread: Moving from single to multi server

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    Question Moving from single to multi server

    We've been running single server Zimbra for some time and need to move to a multi server installation to scale.

    Having read through the multi-server installation guide and various forum threads, I can see methods for full migration from one setup to another, but not a lot of detail on extending an existing single server setup.

    Unfortunately, and short-sightedly, we called our one server, and didn't CNAME it for IMAP/HTTP(S). At the moment, I'm looking at using the proxy functionality in 5.0 to transparently redirect users over time as we migrate them to a second/third/nth mailbox server we'd setup.

    Before I go making larger plans and testing things too deeply, has anyone done this before and if so, do you have any recommendations or warnings of pitfalls?

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    since you can have multiple mailbox/mta servers, itd be as easy as making a new mta server, then disabling mta on your existing server. Same with mailbox. ldap would be the hardest part since you'd need to make sure all your servers were updated with the new address were it to be split off to another server.

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