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Thread: Backup Sanity Check

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    Default Backup Sanity Check

    Just a quick sanity check.. I see people using tar but generally using tar zcf, but that produces:

    tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
    tar: Removing leading `/' from hard link targets

    not worried about the first one, but the second one does worry me...

    just want to confirm that:

    tar --absolute-names -jcf <backup>.tar.bz2 /opt/zimbra/backup/

    will preserve the integrity of the directory structure links so if we need to use the backup file, it will be ok...


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    -P (--absolute-names) will preserve the leading /, if you need that. You will also want to specify -P when you extract for the full path (unless you tell it to extract to /)

    Honestly, you shouldn't have to worry about the hard links. Either way will tar things up just fine.

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