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Thread: Need to find some logs

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    Exclamation Need to find some logs

    We're on Zimbra 5.0.6. I'm needing to find any sort of email logs for our machine. More specifically, I want to find a log of all sent items. We've got people that say they're sending mail, but it's never received by the other end and no message is received by the sender that the message bounced. It had been working as of a couple weeks ago. The only change I'm aware of is that we shut down our Exchange server and are running only on Zimbra now. We also went from 5.0.5 to 5.0.6.

    Also, we're running into a few cases in which "Joe" will forward something to "Jim" and it'll take 48+ hours before it arrives, and that's just emailing within our company!


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    /var/log/zimbra.log has mta logs so you can see the messages progress as far as smtp goes

    /opt/zimbra/logs has some logs that you can look at to see if theres any problems with the zimbra components and mailbox portion.

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