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Thread: zmmailbox deletemessage not freeing up disk space?

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    Default zmmailbox deletemessage not freeing up disk space?

    I've been working on a purging routine to purge emails with large attachments from our archive accounts (Zimbra NE 5.0.5 w/ Archiving). It appears that I've gotten the script working, the "Mailbox size" view in admin has gone down by 4GB for my test user but I have not gotten 4GB back on my disk.

    does `zmmailbox -z -m dm $id` not delete attachments? The messages are certainly gone from the inbox but I'm definitely hoping for this disk space back.

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    If more than one account has a copy of the message, the message blob may already be shared. In that case, the disk space is freed only when the last copy is deleted.
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