Hello everybody,

I'm almost sure that the perfect answer to my question is: rtfm, but still...

I'd like to use the ZCS in my organisation and so I installed everything
on my Ubuntu 8.04. The installation worked out fine, I am able to create
domains and local accounts and so on.

In my organisation, an LDAP server exists allowing user authentification. A
mailserver (IMAP/POP incoming and, of course, SMTP outgoing) also exists,
where each user has an address like user@mydomain.org

Now: How should my configuration in general look like to

- use LDAP for authentification (well, o.k., I know how to do that)

- use the already existing IMAP folders from within zimbra so that
the INBOX folder from my mailserver is the INBOX folder for Zimbra

- let users use the SMTP server to send all the mail in such a way
that their sender address is user@mydomain.org and not (as it is now)

In other words: I'd like to use Zimbra for the collaboration but our
mailserver for the communication. Is this possible?

Thanks a lot,


p.s.: I should say that both the LDAP server and the mail server are
not under my control ;-)