Ok i am doing a disaster recovery on a new server and have read the wiki article here Network Edition Disaster Recovery - Zimbra :: Wiki

Couple of questions

1. When it states the same release does that mean if the old broken server which (which i have a complete backup of) was can i use (the latest) or must i use

2. Cannot remeber exacty what version i was running is there a way to extract that information from the old data even if that server is not running?

3. Cannot remember the ham and spam user names or passwords think they were autogenerated (pretty sure i went with the defaults here) again is there a way to obtain this info from my old data. Also the global document account name think i left it as defaut too.

4. I have installed a test version of Zimbra on my new server just to see if everything would go smoothly. Now I must remove all traces of it. However i do not have the rpm command so i cannot run rpm -e zimbra-spell and the like. Being a ubuntu 6.06 box could i use the Zimbra install.sh -u script or should i use apt-get instead.

5. Lastly i do not remeber my LDAP password how do i retrieve it from my old data or do i need it?