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Thread: Long emails don't completely display in Firefox web client

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    Default Long emails don't completely display in Firefox web client

    I'm running 4.5.5_GA_838 (2007-05-11) and very long emails do not completely display using Firefox They do display properly in IE 6.0, which we try to not use. I tried Firefox 3.0 and I can't even login to Zimbra with this latest version.

    With Firefox, after roughly 2000 lines, text disappears and a black colour fills the panel where the text should be. I realize that 2000 lines is a long email, but we subscribe to some long lists which contain as much as 4000 lines. I have discovered a bit of a workaround, which is to right click the email and choose "Show Original". The only issue with this is that some lines do not wrap, depending on their original format. I can of course paste the content into a text editor which wraps, but these steps are complex and irritating for many of our users.

    Any fixes or suggestions?

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    This is an old 3rd party (Firefox) bug, for instance try to scroll all the way down in FF at this link it becomes black: Long Iframe Bug

    Mozilla bugs: > (still open)

    We do minimize this though: Bug 8513 - Large text message does not render correctly (large black area) & Bug 3470 - Ability to specify size of text returned by GetMsg
    The latest fixes for 3470 seem to work around this by truncating the message in the iframe display/message frame (a warning about the message being too large appears at the top of the message frame). Users have the ability to click on a link to display the entire message in a separate window.
    It's time to make a backup then update to 4.5.11 (I would use that as an intermediate point) make sure all is good (for however many days you want to test) backup again (so you don't have to restore all the way to 4.5.5) then upgrade to 5.0.6

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