Hi everyone.

This is my first post, I hope I'm not posting in the wrong subforum.

First of all I want to said that before making this post, I've been searching for an answer to my question around the forum, but although I've found some post that talks about similar subjects like share folders, I couldn't find a clue to resolve my situation.

Let's see. I'm the IT responsible of a small office with 6 persons working. Each person has it's own mail account @mydomain.com.ar and we have a couple of common mail accounts that are used (to read and send) by some users like info@mydomain.com.ar support@mydomain.com.ar etc
All this system is implemented with an small IMAP server that runs under Windows, and Outlook 2003 in the workstations. Each Outlook has to be manually configured by the user adding it's own account and the common accounts that he/she need to read (I tried building scripts to do this automatically but it didn't work always as I expected). Outlook is a disaster for IMAP accounts, only to mention that I've got to build a VBA script to automatically copy every email sent from one of these common accounts to the correct Sent Items folder from the IMAP account because Outlook stores every sent mail automatically in the Sent Items folder from the primary account (that could not be an IMAP account, only POP3 account or Exchange).

Well, I started to evaluate solutions a month ago. I tested Egroupware, Open-Xchange, Google Apps and finally Zimbra (I test Zimbra at last, because Egroupware and Open-Xchange were easy to get using OpenSUSE because the RPMs are in repositories that can be search at software.opensuse.org/search).

Zimbra seems the best of the products I mention, and the most versatile one.

My problem is that I cannot understand if it's possible to create this common accounts and associate them with the users that are allow to read them and send email using them.
Also I need (if it's possible) that when a user sends an email through one of this common accounts, the email sent it has to have in it header that it's sent by "user@mydomain.com.ar in the name of info@mydomain.com.ar" for example.
We received emails from some companies that have common accounts and they have this way to specify in the header which employee has taken the charge of answering the email from the common account.

I would appreciate if someone could tell me if the needs that I've got at my company can be satisfied with Zimbra, and if the answer is YES, then I need to know how to.

I've forgot to mention that I've installed Zimbra 5.0.6.

Regards from Argentina.