About to install the latest network version 5.0.6GA. I have a Dell 2900 with 8 350GB drives, 16GB RAM, dual QuadCore Procs and RHEL 5x64 OS as the system.

Today I setup RAID 5 with 2 hot spares, planning for RHEL install tomorrow, but tonight I read RAID 5 not recomended over 100 users. I will have 400 users. The doc did not 'recommend' over 100 RAID config. What to do now, 10, or is 5 ok?

Also, I have a 4TB EMC fiber HBA connected SAN to setup for backend storage for HSM (not sure how that works yet, but still reading up on this). I am assuming RHEL will se this as another volume, so RAID 5 it for the HSM storage, or RAID 10, or???

Please advise..... I would like to be installing Zimbra by the weekend, but need the comfort of proper storage arrays.