Hi All
as reported in bug 27740 we have a problem with shared brief case.
In short:
User A shares his briefcase with user B (all permission), A uploads a
document test.txt
User B can read test.txt, it can delete test.txt, it can also upload a doc with
another name (test2.txt), but it can't ovewrite test.txt (same name)
Only user A (owner of briefcase) can overwrite test.txt.
I don't understand what's wrong...

Below my log....
We are using ZCS 5.0.2 Network edition on red hat 5
Does anyone have soame problem?
Any workaround?
Thank in advanced
Best Regards

I obvoiously submit bug to zimbra support (I'm using regular licensed Network edition) but support says to post here

2008-06-09 09:55:27,734 INFO [btpool0-8147]
[name=qui@demo-archebit.it;mid=2675;ip=;ua=Mozilla/5.0 (X11;; U;;
Linux i686;; en-US;; rv: Gecko/20080419 Ubuntu/8.04 (hardy)
Firefox/;] mailbox - FileUploadServlet received Upload: {
accountId=52cd8ca3-a7ab-4b66-972d-28b5bf053d28, time=Mon Jun 09 09:55:27 CEST
com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.MailServiceException: object with that name already
exists: wiki word ClusterZimbraGO.odt in folder 325
Code:mail.ALREADY_EXISTS Argname, STR, "ClusterZimbraGO.odt") Argid,
IID, "e9cef9df-7d40-45d8-a4dd-4f26c4be1089:324") Argver, NUM, "2") Arg: