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Thread: POP3 login ip address

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    Default POP3 login ip address


    I need help to locate the ip address of the POP3 client logins to a Zimbra server.

    I've checked the audit.log but it seems to only log the ip address for the webmail logins.

    Please help

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    You'll find it in the log files: Log Files - Zimbra :: Wiki


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    I have the same problem on Zimbra 5.0.18. Zimbra only logs ip address for imap and soap protocol in audit.log, not for pop3 protocol. I've followed Log Files in Zimbra Wiki, but it didn't work. Please help me to resolve the problem.
    This is the log from /opt/zimbra/log/audit.log for pop protocol
    2010-02-08 12:46:08,597 INFO [Pop3Server-100] [] security - cmd=Auth;; protocol=pop3;

    Thanks for your regards.
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