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Thread: [SOLVED] Problem with postfix and generic maps, please help

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    Default [SOLVED] Problem with postfix and generic maps, please help

    Hi, I am new to zimbra so please forgive any stupid questions. I have a problem here with my setup and I hope you can help me.

    I have set up zcs-5.0.6_GA_2313 on my home network with centos 4 and dyndns. My mail is being hosted at a public provider and then forwarded to the dyndns address. Outgoing mail is being sent through the provider's smarthost. So far so good...

    Now when I want to send mails from zimbra, I want the recipient to see my public mail address (say instead of the local address (say @lan.local). To do this, I have set up smtp_generic_maps = hash:/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/generic in which works fine - for outgoing mail.

    Here comes the problem: on incoming mail, address mapping is also being performed, translating the local address @lan.local back into, which causes the mail to be re-sent to the provider and not reaching the mailbox.

    I have meddled with receive_override_options in and but no luck.

    Your help is very much appreciated!
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