Hi all,

The configuration is like this: Internet --> SPAM/AV device --> Zimbra 5.0.5.

Having this configuration, I have turned-off the AS/AV option in the MTA services (gui). And looking at the logs, it's not running, even if I look at the status of amavisd, it's not running either.

I'm only wondering, having the AS/AV option turned off, and amavisd not running, if I have some mails considered as spam (with a [SPAM] mark in the subject line) by the appliance in front of zimbra, it should go directly to my inbox rather than in my junk folder, is this assumption correct?

If not, how can I make those e-mails go directly to my Inbox? Do I still have to turn-off something aside from AS/AV?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.