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Thread: Grabbing from pop3 to shared calendar

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    Default Grabbing from pop3 to shared calendar

    I'm currently setting up a Zimbra installation for one of our offices and have hit a slight problem. They currently use Yahoo! Mail, with a single account for all 4 office staff. All inbound mail comes into this account, with 4 or 5 pop accounts being polled when the user clicks the 'get mail' button.

    So far, I have set up Zimbra with the individual users and created a shared 'office' user - the individual users have access to the 'office' inbox and this is working nicely. The problem now comes with having the pop accounts polled automatically, as I need all retrieved emails to go into the office inbox instead of the individual user's. I have followed the instructions here:

    I have added all of the pop accounts and can successfully poll them by running the fetchmail command or using a cron job. However I'd rather not have our server polling 5 or 6 different accounts every couple of minutes. Is there any way that I can add a button in Zimbra that will call the fetchmail script so that the users can poll the accounts as and when they need to?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Stephen.

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    Sorry, I meant a shared email account!

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