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Thread: saved drafts viewed properly, but sent truncated/corrupted

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    Default saved drafts viewed properly, but sent truncated/corrupted

    This problem has occured with a client using outlook 2007, the connector from either the last 4.5.x release or the 5.0.2 release on vista, and a client using outlook 2003sp3 imap without connector on xp.

    In both cases the users create a draft in Outlook, then close the draft, and open it at a later time, in one case about an hour later. The re-opened draft looks correct, and is finished and sent. When the message is sent it is either truncated or empty when opened by the recipient. If the recipient opens the sent message in their sent message folder it only displays the truncated or empty version, the same as what was received by the original recipient.

    This has only been reported since our upgrade to 5.0.6, but I don't know how relevant that is.

    Server is RH 5.x 64bit.

    Has anyone run into this? We've had 3 cases of this within a week, 3 different people, and so far we are on a small volume of users on the server.

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    Default Truncated Message

    We have just experienced this issue as well. However, we are using FOSS 5.0.10 via Firefox and IE.

    We upgraded from 5.0.5 directly to 5.0.10; if the issue appeared in 5.0.6 perhaps it is still around in 5.0.10.

    Did you ever find a solution? Any ideas?

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    No, we never found an answer, but we haven't had a report of it since. We've upgraded several times since then and we're at NE 5.0.10 x86_64 on RH 5

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