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Thread: correct mailto handler without toaster

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    Default correct mailto handler without toaster

    we want to fix the mailto handling to have it open zimbra with the new mail. I know there was a blog post about a registry edit to do it but the only problem is that it passed the mailto: portion as well. I noticed that if you install the toaster, that it passes only the address.

    My question is, is this something that toaster is doing? or can we achieve teh same functionality without toaster with a registry edit. The toaster confuses people more than it helps them here.

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    I have accomplished this by writing a little php script that cleans up the link, and then does a redirect to your server. So your registry setting points to wherever you host the php script with the ?command=%1 and then the following code will clean up what is passed in "command"..
            $NEW=split (":",$_GET['command']);
            header ("Location: $url");

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    ah pretty clever. i run a separate apache instance on my zimbra server so I can probably do it there. I guess the toaster app "sanitizes" the link and passes it to web client. thanks for sharing!

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    That PHP script works great, but is there anyway to get it to work correctly with the "Send Link..." handler?

    It seems to leave out everything in the link but "http".

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