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Thread: Out of office doesn't seem to work

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    Default Out of office doesn't seem to work

    We're new zimbra users and admins. Did a default load of the open version, Release 5.0.6_GA_2313.RHEL5_64_20080522130456 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition. The only other thing we did is enable active directory integration. Seems to work great.

    Users open their mail web page, click on preferences, mail and try to set an autoreply for out of office notification. It allows them to enter the supposed autoreply message text. After they do this, they click save. Later they can look at it, and it looks correct. The checkbox is checked, their text is there, the dates they selected are there (if they selected some, they have tried it with and without).

    It just doesn't do anything. Correspondents never see the autoreply.

    I figured that the users were doing something wrong, so I tried it on myself, same deal. It allows you to apparently set it up, but doesn't do anything. I sent myself emails from both within our zimbra and from outside ISP's, and I never received the autoreply.

    I'm used to getting an immediate autoreply on our old mail server. The old one would also make a reply for every email sent. Reading a bit, it appears that zimbra is smarter, and only sends one autoreply per correspondent per week. I waited a few days to see if perhaps our zimbra was doing this.

    Nope, no one ever gets an autoreply ever.

    My boss is going out of town for a month, so he would really like this to work. I've fiddled with it for a few days, and I'm out of ideas.

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    We noticed this last week, but I've not sat down to reproduce the problem (which I like to do before reporting bugs so I can hand out good information).

    We found that the out-of-office reply does work if no dates are set, but does not if a date range is applied.

    I'll try again later and try confirm that this is the case rather than being a red herring (and something else made it suddenly start working).

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