We are running ZCS 4.5.9 (with an upgrade to 5.0.x looming on the horizon) and have run into an issue with regards to Thunderbird and LDAP address autocompletion via the Zimbra GAL. In our environment, we allow users to select personal email aliases (with restrictions) via a homegrown application. Once a user's personal alias goes into effect, whenever we try looking up that user in Thunderbird by their username (i.e., their "real" email address), nothing gets returned. However, when we look up the same user by his/her email alias, the alias gets returned. Here are my LDAP directory settings in Thunderbird:

Name: Connect@Stern
Hostname: <LDAP server hostname>
Base DN: <Base DN>
Port number: 389
Bind DN: <Blank>
Use secure connection (SSL): Unselected
Don't return more than 500 results
Scope: Subtree
Search filter: (objectClass=*)

I have verified that both the mail and zimbraMailAlias attributes are viewable via anonymous binding to the directory.

In summary, what we want to accomplish is to have the LDAP address lookup in Thunderbird (or Outlook for that matter - I've experienced the same problem using Outlook 2007) return users' real email addresses as well as their aliases.

Any thoughts or suggestions as to how this can be accomplished are most welcome.