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Thread: batch zmprov cds

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    Default batch zmprov cds

    I need to add a batch of imap DataSources to my pilot group, so that they get their current mail inside of the zimbra pilot server. Here is what I have been testing for adding it:

    ./zmprov cds imap name zimbraDataSourceEmailAddress zimbraDataSourceEnabled TRUE zimbraDataSourceHost domain zimbraDataSourceUsername user zimbraPrefFromAddress zimbraPrefFromDisplay 'User Name' zimbraDataSourceConnectionType cleartext
    here is the error I get:
    ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: createDataSource invalid schema change: [LDAP: error code 65 - object class 'zimbraImapDataSource' requires attribute 'zimbraDataSourceFolderId'])
    I understand that I need to add this attribute, but my question is... How do I know what the next id number in the sequence? I don't want to apply an id number that is already in use. Is there away that this will automatically apply the next number in the sequence?
    Suggestions? Thx!

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    solved my own dilema... null worked as a value for this attribute. /facepalm

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