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Thread: Looking for Filter Suggestions/Help

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    Default Looking for Filter Suggestions/Help

    Our company has an email address, let's call it for the sake of example, that our customers use to send us orders. The Sales team that manages this address does not want it to be a distribution list address because they fear orders being duplicated. So, they've asked me to try to help them setup some kind of filtering, where the incoming messages would be forwarded to 2 or 3 individuals. Their ultimate solution would be to forward them in a round-robin, where user 1 gets the first email, user 2 the second, user 3 the 3rd, and then back to user 1 for the 4th, etc., etc. I can't think of any filtering logic that would do this, but I thought maybe we could come up with something close.

    My thoughts so far are: A) create some filters based on the first letter of the email address, or something like that. So for example, addresses starting with a-f would go to user 1, g-o to user 2, and p-z to user 3. The problem with this is that I have a feeling things won't end up being evenly distributed like this. B) use the "in My Contacts" filter to process the incoming messages. However, I was disappointed to see that you can't pick a specific address book for this option.

    So, basically I think I may need to setup a custom filter using a sieve script. At this point I know next to nothing about sieve syntax or anything like that, but I'm ready to begin digging in.

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on the filter I would need to setup to do something like I've described they would be greatly appreciated. Or, perhaps ideas on other ways I might be missing to do this "round-robin" type dispersion of the messages.


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