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Thread: Known "proxy" issue and solution?

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    Default Known "proxy" issue and solution?


    I know I am going to post a know issue with proxying, but I'd like to ask if there will be thought of any solution to solve this.

    I have setup Zimbra FOSS 5.0.7 on an CentOS 5.2 which work fine. I used this wiki document: Zimbra with Apache using mod jk - mod proxy - mod proxy ajp - Zimbra :: Wiki

    to solve the problem with two different certificates for two different domains which also works perfectly fine.

    The problem are all the advertised links which popup now with ":8080" in it. This port however is closed on our local firewall and I won't open it as all users are obliged to use https. Currently the solution is simple: we put it in the manual, but still it creates al lot of helpdesk calls (it's an environment for 3000 users, which has to grow up to 20000 users).

    Couldn't there be an option in some future release to manually setup the domain part of these URL's (i.e. the sharing URL), or a better solution: native support for multiple SSL domains?

    Now you have to solve the multiple certificate problem by proxying everything: https, pop3s, imaps which - because you have to run perdition and apache at the same time (I tried to use nginx for this, but miserably failed) - creates extra load.

    I know a shotcut solution would be to have an extra server in front of it (doing all the proxying), but that's just another single point of failure, so you'd need 2, which doubles the server farm immediatly (I have setup a failover system with LVS) and it (again) complicates an already quite complicated setup.

    Any thoughts/ideas?


    Included: screenshot with ":8080" in the sharing URL
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