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Thread: Zimbra Stopped Working

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    Exclamation Zimbra Stopped Working

    In less than a week after our users started using Zimbra, it has stopped working.
    When I tried restarting the services manually, it showed an error, that mailboxdctl is not working due to insufficient space.
    The last time I checked, the disk size was 38Gb free.
    I got in today, only to discover that I have no more disk space.
    What could be the problem, and how do I prevent a re-occurrence?

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    Find out what's taking the space with the following:

    su - zimbra
    du -s -h *
    You should also check the log files and see if there are any errors.

    So we know which version you're using. please update your profile with the output of
    zmcontrol -v


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    sudo -i -u zimbra
    [sudo] password for ubuntu:
    zimbra@mail:~$ zmcontrol -v

    Release 5.0.5_GA_2201.UBUNTU6 UBUNTU7

    23M ./logger/mysql-standard-5.0.51a-pc-linux-gnu-i686-glibc23/libexec
    106M ./logger/mysql-standard-5.0.51a-pc-linux-gnu-i686-glibc23
    928K ./logger/db/work
    1.5M ./logger/db/data/zimbra_logger
    4.0K ./logger/db/data/test
    784K ./logger/db/data/mysql
    23M ./logger/db/data
    24M ./logger/db
    129M ./logger
    1004K ./conf/spamassassin
    28K ./conf/externaldirsync
    1.6M ./conf/msgs
    12K ./conf/ca
    180K ./conf/attrs
    3.2M ./conf
    du: `./.saveconfig': Permission denied
    291M ./store/0/7/msg/0
    203M ./store/0/7/msg/1
    493M ./store/0/7/msg
    493M ./store/0/7
    548M ./store/0/10/msg/0
    77M ./store/0/10/msg/1
    625M ./store/0/10/msg
    625M ./store/0/10
    120M ./store/0/9/msg/0
    120M ./store/0/9/msg
    120M ./store/0/9
    8.0M ./store/0/23/msg/0
    8.0M ./store/0/23/msg
    8.0M ./store/0/23
    212M ./store/0/3/msg/3
    365M ./store/0/3/msg/2
    156K ./store/0/3/msg/0
    500M ./store/0/3/msg/1
    1.1G ./store/0/3/msg
    1.1G ./store/0/3
    856K ./store/0/19/msg/0
    860K ./store/0/19/msg
    864K ./store/0/19
    204K ./store/0/2/msg/0
    208K ./store/0/2/msg
    212K ./store/0/2
    1.3M ./store/0/12/msg/0
    1.3M ./store/0/12/msg
    1.3M ./store/0/12
    376M ./store/0/20/msg/0
    376M ./store/0/20/msg
    376M ./store/0/20
    68K ./store/0/6/msg/0
    72K ./store/0/6/msg
    76K ./store/0/6
    26M ./store/0/21/msg/0
    26M ./store/0/21/msg
    26M ./store/0/21
    153M ./store/0/11/msg/3
    14M ./store/0/11/msg/2
    1.4G ./store/0/11/msg/0
    654M ./store/0/11/msg/1
    2.2G ./store/0/11/msg
    2.2G ./store/0/11
    9.9M ./store/0/18/msg/0
    9.9M ./store/0/18/msg
    9.9M ./store/0/18
    1.7G ./store/0/13/msg/0
    1.7G ./store/0/13/msg
    1.7G ./store/0/13
    1.9M ./store/0/24/msg/0
    1.9M ./store/0/24/msg
    1.9M ./store/0/24
    68K ./store/0/1/msg/0
    72K ./store/0/1/msg
    76K ./store/0/1
    4.0K ./store/0/15/msg/0
    8.0K ./store/0/15/msg
    12K ./store/0/15
    672K ./store/0/22/msg/0
    676K ./store/0/22/msg
    680K ./store/0/22
    728K ./store/0/25/msg/0
    732K ./store/0/25/msg
    736K ./store/0/25
    391M ./store/0/16/msg/0
    391M ./store/0/16/msg
    391M ./store/0/16
    8.7M ./store/0/17/msg/0
    8.7M ./store/0/17/msg
    8.7M ./store/0/17
    1.9G ./store/0/8/msg/27
    925M ./store/0/8/msg/7
    788M ./store/0/8/msg/10
    976M ./store/0/8/msg/9
    976M ./store/0/8/msg/23
    951M ./store/0/8/msg/3
    2.0G ./store/0/8/msg/26
    805M ./store/0/8/msg/19
    926M ./store/0/8/msg/5
    2.0G ./store/0/8/msg/29
    1004M ./store/0/8/msg/2
    13M ./store/0/8/msg/0
    810M ./store/0/8/msg/12
    1.1G ./store/0/8/msg/20
    821M ./store/0/8/msg/6
    804M ./store/0/8/msg/21
    1.9G ./store/0/8/msg/28
    936M ./store/0/8/msg/11
    968M ./store/0/8/msg/18
    470M ./store/0/8/msg/32
    2.0G ./store/0/8/msg/30
    1021M ./store/0/8/msg/13
    1.9G ./store/0/8/msg/24
    939M ./store/0/8/msg/1
    796M ./store/0/8/msg/4
    919M ./store/0/8/msg/15
    969M ./store/0/8/msg/22
    1.9G ./store/0/8/msg/25
    804M ./store/0/8/msg/14
    923M ./store/0/8/msg/16
    2.0G ./store/0/8/msg/31
    790M ./store/0/8/msg/17
    788M ./store/0/8/msg/8
    36G ./store/0/8/msg
    36G ./store/0/8
    43G ./store/0
    14M ./store/incoming
    43G ./store

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