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Thread: Unable to login as zimbra user

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    Default Unable to login as zimbra user


    So I've successfully setup my Zimbra server (sort of) and I'm trying to login as the zimbra user so I can check on the server status (the server won't start). Whenever I execute the su zimbra account and try to enter the admin password I get a password incorrect error. Is this password the same as the password I set in setup? If so why am I getting password incorrect?

    I am able to log into the Zimbra Administration console but I am unable to use any of the command line tools because I'm unable to login as the Zimbra user.

    Thanks for any help!


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    You don't need a password to login as the zimbra user, you should also enter 'su - zimbra' (with the hyphen) to create the environment correctly. If you still have problems check you installation logs for any errors. You should also make sure that any firewall and/or SElinux is disabled on the Zimbra server.


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