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    Default existing services

    In the Quick start guide it says that if I already have mysql and httpd running I need to disable them before installation. I plan to change the default ports for zimbra during install so that I can run this on a server that I run my blog on, i.e. already have apache running and mysql.

    I understand that I can change the default ports that zimbra uses so it can co-exist on a single server with my current running environment. I've done a search and have not found one post that has the guide or how-to for a current release of zimbra. Looking for an up2date howto on how to install zimbra from the start on a single server that already has an website (apache, mysql) environment. I think this is the majority of the situation for us "hobbyist".

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    The quick start guide is the how-to. You can now change the web port at install time. MySQL is already defaulted to a special port so that's ok. So there shouldn't need to be any other special changes.
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