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Thread: Remove addresses from Emailed Contacts

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    Question Remove addresses from Emailed Contacts

    When a user leaves, we remove their account from Zimbra. However, there is a copy of their contact in everyone's "emailed contacts" address book if they have ever sent them an email. Is there a way to globaly remove these from everyone's Emailed Contacts so that when active users are typing in the address bar, it does not autocomplete with the terminated addresses?

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    Not knowing if theres an easier way I can suggest one way that would require a bit of scripting, the logic being

    first get all the accounts with

    zmprov gaa
    Then loop through the account list running the command

    zmmailbox -z -m <account> gact -f "/Emailed Contacts"
    That will return all the e-mailed contacts. You'd then need to loop through teh results and get the Id of the contact. I'm pretty sure this Id will be different for each user which is why you can't just run a delete on that id for every user in the loop. Once you have the id then you can

    zmmailbox -z -m <account> dct <contact id

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