Hi all, I have been using zimbra personally for 2+ years and have loved it.

At the office however we are using Exchange which is not working for my engineering department who are all on Linux boxes. I have started a pilot with a few users to get the latest Zimbra running in parallel with exchnage with the idea that we would eventually move the whole team over. I have been using this board and the wiki as a guide but I do have a few questions.

For the record my setup is using active directory for external authorization, the exchange server as its outbound smtp relay, IMAP and fetchmail to pull email off the exchange server and the free/busy interop feature (which I only have working one way, zimbra can see free/busy but not push).

1. Password expiration on active directory side. Is there any good way of detecting this in zimbra?

2. Fetchmail and passwords: Right now I have a text file containing a line for each users fetchmail job which includes the users password. This file is edited by hand by me, is there a better way of doing this? I would like mail from the exchange account to be processed through the zimbra smtp engine for spam, filters, etc... Is there something we can do on the exchange side?

3. Resource booking on the exchnage server: I can see if exchange resources (rooms) are busy in zimbra but if I include a room in the list of attendees exchange does not seem to accept or deny the invite and will show the resource as unbooked afterwords. An thoughts?

4. Has anyone else managed to get Zimbra to push free/busy data to exchange?