Hello all,

We have some users who have been moved over from Groupwise (through the Groupwise migration utility for Zimbra). When it moved over calendar events that repeated (for example, an event every tuesday, repeating forever) it migrated each instance over as a separate calendar event. Now if a user wants to change or edit the event, they have to do so manually for each event in the series.

Is there anyway to mass delete/select multiple events in the calendar at a time (so the user can then recreate them natively in Zimbra as a series)? It seems that there must be a better way then telling the person to delete 52 events a year (for something that repeated weekly).

P.S. I've seen entries in the forums about deleting all items in a calendar - I don't want to do that - just delete ones which match a specific search for example.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.