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Thread: Gmail relay issues

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    Default Gmail relay issues

    I did some searching and haven't found a solution, or another issue, similar to what I'm experiencing. Hopefully I didn't overlook something.

    I recently changed from relaying through my ISP and moved toward relaying through Gmail. No reason other then I have other servers relaying through the same Gmail account and it was easier to be consistent across the board. Anyway, email was being delivered upon initial trials without too many issues. It has been running for a while when I noticed that I was not receiving the responses that people had stated they had sent. I could send email, but I was not receiving a response. I could send email directly to the account without issue. Upon further investigation I found that all my email being sent out were being tagged with the email address of the relay account rather then the sending account.

    For example:

    Sending from
    Recipient received the email with my name but the email address was

    This means that all responses were now being sent to the relay account. Not too handy. I assume that I missed something in my setup, and can always resort back, but was hoping someone could point out my obvious mistake so that I could at least understand my failure.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maja View Post
    Sending from
    Recipient received the email with my name but the email address was
    Does =

    For obvious reasons (this service is great too) I have no desire to test this but searching the web pulls up:

    When using the SMTP service Gmail rewrites your From: address back to your original Gmail address. However you can add another verified e-mail address to your account, then Gmail's SMTP server will forward any From: address that match.

    • Log in to your Gmail account.
    • Click 'Settings' along the top of any page, and then select the 'Accounts' tab.
    • Click 'Add another email address' in the 'Send mail as:' section.
    • Enter your full name in the 'Name:' field, and the email address you'd like to send messages from in the 'Email address:' field.
    • Click 'Next Step >>,' and then click 'Send Verification' to complete the process. Gmail will send a verification message to your other email address to confirm that you'd like to add it to your Gmail account.
    • Now go to your e-mail client software to setup your e-mail account.
    • Under e-mail address, use one of the verified e-mails you've added to your Gmail account.
    • Under outgoing mail smtp server, use Since it requires SMTP authorization, use your Gmail account as username (e.g. and your Gmail password as password. You can turn TSL on or off.
    Don't forget that Gmail's SMTP places a limit on the number of e-mails you can send within a certain time period.

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