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Thread: Addressbook import from command line

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    Default Addressbook import from command line


    a client currently uses a self-programmed internal address book (historical), which is DB based, which gets dumped to ldif files, and those are imported in a LDAP server. This address book needs to remain in place, other internal tools depend on it, and it gets updated by other tools. This is their main address book, and they want to use it in Zimbra for address lookup.

    Is there a possibility to import a certain data-file, like a csv file (we can access all the data, and script it to confirm to the needed formats), at regular intervals (should be every 6 hours) into a shared address book for this client?

    I know there is a 'import csv' option in the web interface, but manually doing this sync is impossible; i need something command line or scriptable (curl, rest, soap, anything...).

    If you have a good pointer to some documentation on this subject, feel free to drop them. I don't need a fully working solution, just some pointer to some non-web-interface way of importing data in the address book.


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    perfect, looks just what i was looking for. I'll put it to the test this afternoon.

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