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Thread: Complete Backup Procedure

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    Smile Complete Backup Procedure


    I have tried to take complete backup /opt/zimbra of 4.5 Open source Server with Winscp (SFTP Client Software) after stopping Zimbra Services but server stopped responding after few minutes or after few files.

    Please suggest the Procedure/Software from which i can perform this backup activity.

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    Sounds like a problem with your server that ZImbra or running on, or your Windows program. The above task would be much better achieved by using native rsync or scp to copy the files to another Linux server.
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    I use "rsback" to do backups. It's a wrapper for rsync which allows you to set a backup rotation schedule and use hard links for single-instance storage of the backup set. You can also run it in an "update" mode where it won't rotate, which allows you to run a "cool" (i.e. not completely cold) backup:

    Run it normally while the server is up, shutdown the server, run an update, then start the server up again. It's great for minimizing the ammount of downtime you need.

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