Hi folks,

I would like to know two things:

1. Is there an automated update process for the Outlook connector?

I am wondering about that, because there are more than 60 outlook users in our company. It would be real pain to update the connector by hand every time a new version of Zimbra is released.


Btw. The release notes of 5.07 say:
5.0.7 - ZCS Connector to Outlook - To use the latest version of ZCO, ZCO
5.0.7, ZCS must be at 5.0.7 or later!
Does that mean, that a client with the Outlook Connector 5.06 would not work with version 5.07 installed on the Zimbra server?

2. How can I reload the GAL within Outlook using the Connector

There is a strange behaviour on that site. Changes to the GAL, e.g. hiding a special user, does not affect the GAL within Outlook, if an Outlook user had already installed the connector and downloaded the GAL starting Outlook the first time.
For newly installed users the changes in the GAL does work.

Is there a way to manually reload the GAL within Outlook?

Would be glad about some answers.