Hey guys,

1 Thought you might like to know that I chose the network trial for installation as it has an outlook connector. However had I known that it only supports outlook 2003 I would not have wasted my time with the trial, would have gone straight for the open source download. Most of my users use outlook 2002 or less and to do the install and find they werent supported was quiet dissappointing. Simply amending your site to `limited outlook support' or similar might save a few frayed tempers.

2 On the positive, the install is straight forward (easy) and professional.

3 Not having a pop up mail notification is receiving complaints already (its only been installed for one day).

4 Cant find any recent posts about date display - here in the great land of DownUnder we like to read our calanders day/month/year not month/day/year. Is there any easy way to change this?

5 When my trial expires can I update to the open source version and keep my
configs, mailboxes etc.

6 gprs pocket pc imap checking is very fast (awsome) with my provider. Please please please please give us a connector for syncing contacts and calander please please please - do you think I might have an office full of mobile workers !