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Thread: [SOLVED] Legacy postfix server as edge MTA for zimbra

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    Default [SOLVED] Legacy postfix server as edge MTA for zimbra

    Currently I am running an email system using the following servers/programs: postfix, cyrus, squirrelmail and openldap.

    I am attempting to replace the cyrus and squirrelmail programs with zimbra. I have zimbra authenticating against the legacy LDAP server and have migrated the accounts and email from cyrus.

    Our current postfix server has F-Prot anti-virus installed as well as several years of configuration customization to include grey listing, distribution list authorization and unknown user reject.

    Rather then figure out how to enable these features in zimbra, just to have them wiped out with a zimbra upgrade, I would just like to keep my postfix setup as an edge MTA.

    I have seen a diagram in the zimbra admin manual, but how do you actually configure the zimbra server to use the edge MTA. The relay MTA settings says it is for non-local email only. Do I simply need a different domain (possibly hidden to the rest of the world) for the zimbra server?

    Right now when I send an email to "stu at group-w-inc dot com" (stu is an alias only the edge MTA knows about, my account is actually swhitman) from the zimbra server it appears to send the message, but I never receive it. I do not see a log message on the edge MTA and logs on the zimbra server do not indicate an error.

    Any help will be appreciated, even if it is a link to documentation or forum posts that I could not find myself.

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    I too have a perimeter server that does spam and virus scanning of all my inbound and outbound email. Not really a big deal.... look in the MTA settings in Zimbra admin console, out your perimeter servers ip and port in there, and I turned off all the DNS lookup type stuff in Zimbra. As far as having your perimeter server send email to Zimbra that is in your transport file for Postfix (but you probably already knew that).

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    Thanks Brad,

    Just so I can get my terminology right. I learned the term "edge MTA" from the zimbra documentation. It seemed like a reference to what I was trying to do. Is a "perimeter server" the same as an edge MTA or is it actually a better term to describe what I am trying to do?

    As far as the MTA settings in the zimbra server I have found them in two locations, under the Global Settings and under the Servers section. I assume the Global Settings section will do? So now, on this page is an option for "Web mail MTA Hostname:" when I start to type the hostname of the perimeter server,, I get mid way through when the text "Value did not match valid values." displays just above the text box I am typing in. The message appears when I try to type the IP address as well.

    The DNS stuff is already disabled.


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    If I copy and paste the hostname the message does not appear. Wierd but it is working now.

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