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Thread: [SOLVED] Mailbox won't start after power outage

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    Default [SOLVED] Mailbox won't start after power outage

    I'm running FOSS version 5.0.6 on Ubuntu 8.04 and we had a power outage last night. This morning, the server was running, but mail delivery was broken. I couldn't access the either web interface (user or administrative).

    I found a few forum threads describing similar problems, but nothing suggested in them has fixed my problem.

    I did find an entry in /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data/mail.err indicating corruption on a table - I repaired the table using the mysql console (just the REPAIR TABLE command). Here's the log entry for that:
    080711  8:51:36 [ERROR] /opt/zimbra/logger/mysql/libexec/mysqld: Table './zimbra_logger/raw_logs' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
    080711  8:51:42 [Note] Found 233 of 247 rows when repairing './zimbra_logger/raw_logs'
    I've tried toggling innodb_force_recover=3 in my.cnf (& stopping & restarting mysql/zimbra on changes) & that didn't fix the problem.

    The output from `zmcontrol status`:
    zimbra@mail:~$ zmcontrol status
            antispam                Running
            antivirus               Running
            ldap                    Running
            logger                  Running
            mailbox                 Stopped
                    zmmailboxdctl is not running
            mta                     Running
            snmp                    Running
            spell                   Running
            stats                   Running
    Here's the last portion of /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log:
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,482 INFO  [IndexWritersSweeperThread] [] index - IndexWritersSweeperThread thread starting
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,482 INFO  [IndexReadersCache-Sweeper] [] IndexReadersCache - IndexReadersCache-Sweeper thread starting
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,515 INFO  [main] [] RedoLogManager - Starting pre-startup crash recovery
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,564 INFO  [main] [] RedoPlayer - Redoing 1 uncommitted transactions
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,565 INFO  [main] [] RedoPlayer - Deferring crash recovery to after startup: txn 1215793563.316 [IndexItem] ver=1.22, tstamp=1215793597223, mailbox=116, id=601, type=5
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,592 INFO  [main] [] RedoLogManager - Finished pre-startup crash recovery
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,644 INFO  [PostStartupCrashRecovery] [] RedoLogManager - Starting post-startup crash recovery
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,644 INFO  [PostStartupCrashRecovery] [] RedoLogManager - REDOING: txn 1215793563.316 [IndexItem] ver=1.22, tstamp=1215793597223, mailbox=116, id=601, type=5
    2008-07-11 12:34:27,695 INFO  [main] [] im - Setting default XMPP domain to:
    2008-07-11 12:34:28,046 INFO  [PostStartupCrashRecovery] [] MailboxIndex - Initialized Index for mailbox 116 directory: Lucene23Index at com.zimbra.cs.index.Z23FSDirectory@/opt/zimbra/index/0/116/index/0 Analyzer=com.zimbra.cs.index.ZimbraAnalyzer@181b3d4
    2008-07-11 12:34:28,047 INFO  [PostStartupCrashRecovery] [] cache - Initializing folder and tag caches for mailbox 116
    2008-07-11 12:34:28,328 INFO  [IncomingDirectorySweeper] [] FileBlobStore - IncomingDirectorySweeper thread starting
    2008-07-11 12:34:28,510 INFO  [PostStartupCrashRecovery] [] JMSession - SMTP Server:
    2008-07-11 12:34:29,180 INFO  [PostStartupCrashRecovery] [] zimlet - Loaded class com.zimbra.cs.zimlet.handler.NANPHandler
    2008-07-11 12:34:29,212 INFO  [PostStartupCrashRecovery] [] zimlet - Loaded class com.zimbra.cs.zimlet.handler.RegexHandler
    2008-07-11 12:34:29,564 FATAL [PostStartupCrashRecovery] [] system - Unable to commit database transaction.  Forcing server to abort.
    com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: system failure: committing database transaction
        at com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException.FAILURE(
        at com.zimbra.cs.db.DbPool$Connection.commit(
        at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.Mailbox.endTransaction(
        at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.Mailbox.reanalyze(
        at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.Message.generateIndexData(
        at com.zimbra.cs.redolog.op.IndexItem.redo(
        at com.zimbra.cs.redolog.RedoLogManager$
    Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: Communications link failure during commit(). Transaction resolution unknown.
        at com.mysql.jdbc.SQLError.createSQLException(
        at com.mysql.jdbc.Connection.commit(
        at org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingConnection.commit(
        at org.apache.commons.dbcp.PoolingDataSource$PoolGuardConnectionWrapper.commit(
        at com.zimbra.cs.db.DbPool$Connection.commit(
        ... 5 more
    If anyone has any help to offer, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    hi did u find any solution for this error message i am also having the same, please share your thoughts if u have already sorted out.

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    Default ...

    Perhaps you could copy your /opt/* directory to a safe place, then try an in-place upgrade install.

    That has put things right for me during a previous issue.

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    Default MySQL Corruption

    It turns out the problem was corruption in the MySQL database. The database would start, but update/drop commits would cause the database connection to drop & restart. I verified this by logging in to the zimbra database & manually executing queries. I was able to execute insert & select queries, but if I tried to delete a record I had just inserted, the query would fail with the following error message: mysql error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query.

    I believe the system would have run normally until someone did something that caused a update/delete on an affected table, but the redoplayer was running a purge command on startup, crashing the database.

    I backed up all the data in the zimbra/mboxgroup* databases using mysqldump, then I attempted to drop the databases using SQL commands - the drop commands failed with the same mysql error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query error. So I shut down the database & renamed the /opt/zimbra/db/data/ibdata & ib_logfile* files & deleted the /opt/zimbra/db/data/mboxgroup* & zimbra directories.

    I then started the MySQL server & batched in the zimbra & mboxgroup databases. I started zimbra back up & everything was back to normal.

    So it seems it was entirely a MySQL issue.

    Note: Before I started poking around in the system, I shut down zimbra & backed up the entire /opt/zimbra directory, and I shut down zimbra before I did anything with the database.

    Also, I attempted several different database repair techniques before I manually deleted the database files.

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