Hello Everyone,
Two questions about spam, I've upgrade from 5.6 to 5.7 with no problems. But I've been getting allot of complaints about spam since the recent upgrade. After doing a litte more research about how to improve spam from the wiki site. I discovered several new things at the wiki that are very cool.

Ok here are my questions..
1. In my salocal.cf.in if I block xyz.com and restart the spam filter by doing (zmamavisdctl restart) the domain should be blocked right? I've blocked a few domains just as a test and they seem to get through with no problem. Why? What am I doing wrong?

Here is an example of what I've blocked:
blacklist_from *@000email.com -- That should work right? Or does it take some time to process after I restart the spam filter?

2. Basic Rules - I have created some basic rules in my salocal.cf.in that look like this:

body LOCAL_RULE /sale/
score LOCAL_RULE 3

body LOCAL_RULE /manhood/
score LOCAL_RULE 3

So with this in place I restarted my spam filter and used the above words in my email. What I was hoping for was it would go straight to junk mail. Instead it went right to my inbox.

Can some one please explain what I migh be doing wrong?