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Thread: License Failure

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    Default License Failure

    I downloaded the Zimbra for a small shop with about 30 email accounts on there own domain.

    I was told this could run as open source. However, Zimbra will not let me add mailboxes. And it keep saying the license expired. I had the understanding after the trial issues the Zimbra would default to opensource.
    Robert Canary
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    For switching to the Open Source edition - if you're currently running 5.0.4_GA_2101.RHEL5_20080321135228 NETWORK then:
    A) CLI - zmbackup Network Edition Only - Zimbra :: Wiki (store the backup in a safe place) & I'm also a fan of taking a copy of /opt/zimbra & any linked directories (so if you need something later you can get to it easier without throwing up another box to restore to).
    B) Download the FOSS 5.0.4 (or other exact version # if you're on 5.0.7 now)
    C) un-tar it and run ./ to convert.
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