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Thread: Disaster & Recovery of Open Source Edition

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    Default Disaster & Recovery of Open Source Edition

    Hi folks!

    Last night I completely destroy my Zimbra OSE binaries, but I have saved a backup of the following dirs:


    My distro is a Ubuntu 6.06 with Zimbra 5.0.5. I have done a fresh install of both, Ubuntu and Zimbra WITH the same password, and I have tried to delete this dirs of the fresh install and copying the ones from my saved backup into this fresh working install, dir per dir.

    What I have done on my new install:

    su - zimbra
    zmcontrol stop
    # kill other zimbra owned process (perl zmlogger in my case)
    cd /opt/zimbra
    mv db db-bkp
    cd logger/
    mv db db-bkp
    cd ..
    mv openldap-data openldap-data-bkp
    mv store store-bkp
    cp -a /opt/zimbra-BKP/db .
    cp -a /opt/zimbra-BKP/logger/db logger/
    cp -a /opt/zimbra-BKP/openldap-data .
    cp -a /opt/zimbra-BKP/store .
    /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmfixperms #to garantee
    zmcontrol start #(log vide attached file zimbra-startup.txt)

    Some services works, but others no, see attached file zimbra-status.txt.

    Is this the right procedure for disaster recovery of opensource edition?

    Have I miss some directory, maybe /opt/zimbra/conf ?

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    Yes you would need /opt/zimbra/conf. Why not just use one of the many OSE backup procedures ?

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    This procedures does not work for me... maybe because my copy of Zimbra is totaly broken and in my /opt/zimbra/conf, the localconfig.xml is missing... so, after switching new empty databases with my ones, I can't connect in mysql with user zimbra, because mysql and ldap password are wrong (with new localconfig.xml).
    I started another MySQL (from ubuntu package), put /opt/zimbra/db/data/mysql into it (renaming to mysql-zimbra), changed root and zimbra passord (with phpmyadmin) with ones founded in new localconfig.xml and put back mysql database into zimbra dir.
    My old /opt/zimbra/conf dir is useless.
    After syncinc all passwords from new localconfig.xml, "zmcontrol start" works again!
    Thanks for you help!

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