We run 5.0.7NE and am setting up distribution lists. Found 2 problems that I did not expect (for clarification, we use Internal LDAP auth and have the 100 set to return for GAL):

1) GAL does not include Distro Lists

2) GAL does not provide Next/Back like 'Contacts' does, regardless of wethere I set GAL to 10, 25, or 100, for my domain. I have admin/ham/span/wiki hidden in GAL, and have 101 users right now, soon to be up to 400. I am real worried now, as I would like to set my GAL to something like 25 or 50, then let users use Next, etc....

I searched forums up and down, and most posts are from 2006 and prior on these problems. Why are they still here....

So I found to get my distros to work for now, I would have to have a display name like: @@ ISD_Staff, @@ MOT_Staff, etc.... then train my users to hit '@@' then 'search' (and all distros are returned). Naturally I would like distros to be in the GAL without being hidden.

Please let me know what's the work around on these 2 questions???

Thanks in advance for your help,