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Thread: Zimbra/Samba PDC: will users from have Samba accounts for

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    Default Zimbra/Samba PDC: will users from have Samba accounts for


    I'm putting in a new Zimbra installation (migrating away from an older qmail setup YAY) and I also followed the guide on the wiki to turn it into a Samba PDC for the internal network. So far so good.

    I only want Samba accounts for the primary domain ( I've created a second domain ( and when I start creating users for that domain will it also create Samba domain users? Is there anyway to tell it to ONLY add Posix/Samba accounts for the primary domain and not all the domains?


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    I also would like to know if this is possible. I have seen a few articles on the setup of a single domain but what about a system that is used for multiple domains. I sure dont want accounts from another domain having accounts on my samba domain..
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