Hello everyone!

In this thread I intend to share my experiences running Zimbra Open Source Edition 5.0.x with Sun JDK 1.6.x. You are all welcome to share yours to help out the development team behind Zimbra to migrate to JDK 1.6.x as soon as possible in order to get the benefits from Java 6, mainly in terms of performance but also in terms of programming features. If you know any other threads with information related to this matter, please post here.

At the moment, as of 2008-07-17, I am running Zimbra 5.0.8 Open Source Edition on Debian Etch i686 32 bits. I have downloaded and decompressed the JDK version 1.6u7 in /opt/zimbra/jdk1.6u7 and changed the /opt/zimbra/java symbolic link appropriately.

So far, so good. My server is, unfortunately, not loaded enough in order to be able to tell the difference in performance terms, but I will be able to report about stability. The machine has 1 GB of RAM and the configuration against spam is very strict (Postgrey, Spamhaus.org ZEN and all the recipient restrictions active).

Finally, it would be lovely if someone from the development team could post the specific issues I could/should be finding, so that I can keep an eye on them and monitor the logs for such issues (I will have the Zabbix agent in the server as soon as I have the time, and perhaps monit too).

Thanks for your contributions, and thanks to Zimbra for such a great system.