Hi all,

I've got Zimbra (OS) up and running in a multi-server environment (two boxen doing the same tasks, one being master ldap, talking over a wan link) and, after some hair-pulling and late nights, it all seems to be running rather nicely. Now I only have a couple of test users on here for, well, testing, and I've a couple of questions about features that would be very nice (I'm fully prepared for answers saying I've misconfigured and it already does that - this is a learning process!):

1) email retention and archiving is a biggie with us for document control reasons. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to have all mail sent from or received by a user in a prticular COS go into a seperate mailbox (or, even better, a shared IMAP folder not associated with a particular user)? I think I read that shared folders are not implemented yet, so the former would certainly be a start!

2) statistics. Overall server statistics are very nice to see, but I'd really like to be able to see per-user stats - ie. volume of mail sent and received (numbers and bytes), senders and recipients, mainly to see who is taking the p155 with regard to lobbing movies etc. between their mates. Is this already recorded in mysql?
We already have awstats doing this on our current sendmail box, so this is a feature the management would rather not lose :P

3) IMAP proxying. A user can log onto either of the Zimbra boxes and be redirected to the correct server the user lives on. This is ideal, as I want a DNS alias record for 'mail.domain.com' to return the closest server by network, mainly for our roving users. However, if we try this with an IMAP client (Thunderbird 1.5 in the test case), I get a login failed. I notice that Perdition is part of Zimbra so have I just made an arse of setting this incarnation up or am I trying to be a bit too clever for my own good? lol

4) usernames and email addresses. Our users currently have a surnameinitial setup (like smithj for John Smith) and an email that would read jsmith@domain.com. Now I don't want to change that set up (our users are still coming to terms with what a username is), but I'd also rather not have an alias for every username. Also, I'd rather the GAL and contact fields in emails didn't reflect the smithj@domain rather than jsmith@domain.
In otherwords, is it possible to have different usernames to email names without hundreds of aliases?

Anyway, thanks for a superb product, and well done if you've read this far down .


PS. 3.0.1_GA_160 on Debian Sarge.