I recently installed Zimbra on FC4. Clean install, nothing but Zimbra running. Everything went very smoothly until I started adding users.

My user account has a lot of aliases. I basically map "postmaster", "webmaster", "abuse", and a username for myself into each domain. Everything seems to be OK in the Aliases tab of my account.

However, when I go to view the Aliases list under the Addresses tab in the administrator interface, I find my aliased names in the wrong domains!

For example, say I have "joe_user@domain1" and "scott@domain2" along with all the postmaster/webmaster/abuse/etc. aliases. I end up with things like "joe_user@domain2" and "postmaster@domain3" (where domain3 shouldn't have any users in it yet!).

What is going on here? This is (so far) the only reason I'm not deploying Zimbra on my network!