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Thread: [SOLVED] Certificate woes (iphone & godaddy)

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    Default [SOLVED] Certificate woes (iphone & godaddy)

    So, browsing to gives the message "The certificate for this website is invalid. Would you like to connect to the website anyway?" when using the iphone.

    I dont want to be advising staff to ignore that message, and I'm sure it wont help activesync having a self signed certificate, so I decided to guy an SSL cert.

    Godaddy are cheap, so I get one of those and they send me four files in a zip

    So I certify the Zimbra server using the GUI, which seemed to go ok, I then stop and start the Zimbra and reload it on a desktop PC. Clicking the padlock in IE and the favicon in Firefox both shows that the domain is now certified by godaddy - great I think, that will work.

    Back to the iphone. Safari loaded, keyed in and ...... "The certificate for this website is invalid."

    I've been working on this for a while now and I'm getting frustrated. I've added the gd_intermediate.crt and certificates to the iphone using the iphone admin tool and that does not fix it.

    Does anyone have any idea why the phone is erroring when the desktop browsers seem ok?

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    I threw caution to the wind and re-imported the certifiicate, restored the iphone and restarted the server, the certificate is now accepted by desktop computers and iphones alike.

    I've no idea what the problem was, I'll put it down to Friday induced tech-blindness!

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