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Thread: Commercial Certificates for Multiple Domains

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    Default Commercial Certificates for Multiple Domains

    Does anyone know of an economical method for integrating multiple domains, not just sub-domains, into a single commercial certificate, or is there a source of many single-domain certificates that is reasonably priced that I simply haven't been able to find.

    For the record, $400 for VeriSign's Secure Site doesn't count as reasonably priced.

    I host many small businesses on my ZCS server and would like to get past the IE7, FF3 and WinMob 6 problems with self-signed certificates.

    Up to now, I've never had any cause to look into commercial certificates, so my knowledge is minimal. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    My thanks in advance.

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    Question Additional certificates on single server

    We want to have an alternative domain name for our Zimbra server so that our customers can see a division-neutral (we have 5 divisions) URL when clicking on briefcase links.

    This is for internal politics and conflict-of-interest purposes.

    I would rather just install a different certificate for a different domain that would point to the same server, rather than have to rename the whole server.

    Is this possible? HELP!!!

    Chris @ DPM
    Version 6.0.16_GA_2998.NETWORK Apr 4, 2012 MACOSXx86
    Xserve 2x Dual Core Xeons 10GB with Xserve RAID

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